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FMLA: Military Caregiver Leave

Explains how military caregiver leave works including which service members can apply and who can qualify as family members and covered employers.

FMLA: Qualifying Exigency Leave

Discover how time off may be requested by relatives of a servicemember who is being deployed.

Overview of Arizona's Time Off Laws for Military Personnel

Learn of the different protections service members have to ensure they can fulfill their duties and return home to their job.
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Find Legal Help

Understanding Military Legal Assistance and Civil Matters
Many civil legal matters can be handled by a military legal assistance attorney at no cost to service members, find out how.
Go to the webpage: AmericanBar.org


FMLA Military Guide

An introduction to Military Family Leave Under the Family and Medical Leave Act.
Visit: DOL.gov

Military Leave Under Arizona Law

Detailed explanation of military leave under Arizona law including law updates over the past years.
Visit: CDN.ymaws.com

Helpful Online Resources

Resources for Caregivers

As a caregiver of a loved one with a special needs or a life-changing injury, it is important to have access to valuable resources tailored to the needs of a caregiver.
Visit: MilitaryOneSource.mil

The Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers

Find out who is elgibile and how to apply for PCAFC.
Visit: Caregiver.VA.gov
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Intro to VA Disability

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