Discharge and Retirement


Legal Write-Ups

Retiring From Military Service

Get information on how to prepare for retirement and the types of retirement plans available to veterans.

Military Retirement and the Survivor Benefit Plan

Learn how the Survivor Benefits Plan can support veterans and how these benefits can be extended to the veterans' spouse.

Veterans' Consortium Pro Bono Program and Discharge Upgrade Program

This article provides an introduction to the free legal services given to veterans, their families, caretakers, and survivors by the Veterans Consortium through its Pro Bono Program and its Discharge Upgrade Program.

Types of Military Discharge and What they Mean for Veterans

Types of military discharge and what they mean for veterans.

Responsibilities and Restrictions After Military Retirement

Information about the responsibilities and restrictions service members may experience at retirement.

Veterans ID Card

Discover how a Veteran ID Card can be a simple way to prove veteran status.
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Find Legal Help

Understanding Military Legal Assistance and Civil Matters
Many civil legal matters can be handled by a military legal assistance attorney at no cost to service members, find out how.
Go to the webpage: AmericanBar.org

Helpful Online Resources

Military Pay and Pensions

Find information on basic pay, pensions, and retirement benefits for service members, veterans, and military retirees, including who to contact with questions and concerns.
Visit: USA.gov

How to Apply for Discharge Upgrade

Answer a series of questions to get customized step-by step instructions on how to apply for a discharge, upgrade, or correction.
Visit: VA.gov
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What is the Survivor Benefit Plan?

Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program

Veterans ID Card

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